I am consistently inspired by Sherri’s ability to continually demonstrate the asanas and their fullest spectrum of possibilities in a way that seems new and fresh every time. To me, this is one clue into the huge popularity of Bapiste Power of Yoga which attracts both beginners and advanced students to the same class. Each posture often includes a sweetly delivered golden nugget of information. This spiritual or anatomical component not only informs the student but assures them that their yoga practice is part of an expanded system. The class is challenging in part due to the breath work that she encourages bringing new depth to each practice. She is relentless in supporting each student to BREATHE through clear instruction interspersed with inspiring quotes from great masters. Somehow in a class edge to edge with sticky mats, she is able to connect with each and every student on some level. To me, that’s Yoga.”

Linda Siebeck Prosché,
a yoga teacher since 1987

“My experience at the Baptiste Yoga & Meditation Green Gulch Retreat with you, has carried into my classes adding so much to my teaching. Thank you again for your incredible energy and joy in teaching. It is an inspiration to learn under someone who truly has the spirit and love of the practice shining all around them. I look forward to more classes and retreats with you.”

Kim B.

I don’t know where to begin to thank you for the incredible experience at the Green Gulch Yoga Retreat. It was just what I needed and everything I hoped for. When I went to Vegas to the spa convention, so many of my friends told me how beautiful and calm I looked-what was different about me? Well, with all the stress I am under now, it is only the miracle of your yoga retreat that could prompt those feelings...thank you!”

Kim C. Orange County

It was a great retreat and I enjoyed almost every minute of it...the pain in my body showed me how much I needed to be there. It met all my needs and had been just what I was looking for. Thanks for the great weekend. I hope to do it again.”


“I met you Tues. at the Marin Bay Club. When I told you I loved your class, I did not know your history. It was truly the best class I’ve ever taken. I would also like to get your video. Thanks so much.”


“I’m fairly new to your Monday night class, but I absolutely love it - YOU are terrific and I love your words & choice of music, you bring so much more than simply yoga to your classes and students, and we love you for this”


What a wonderful retreat. I very much enjoyed working with and seeing you work with your students. You are such a lovely embodiment of all that Yoga is. You are energetic, enthusiastic, joyful, relational, spiritual, full of life and vitality, love what you are doing and bring that infectiousness to your students. How could they resist the power of what Yoga is when seen through your eyes. Thank you for allowing me the gift to be with you in action.”

Richard C. Miller,
renowned yoga teacher

“Sherri, your class was so incredible today, class was FABULOUS. I just wanted to write and tell you because I didn't get a chance after. I feel so lucky and grateful to have your classes in my life !! Being in your class today I realize how WONDERFUL they are and how good they are for my life’. Thank you, thank you- I feel 1000 times more grateful even than this can express!! Thank you Sherri, you're the best.”

Aloha nui loa, Heidi

“I had never tried a yoga class that I liked before Sherri’s class at the Nautilus of Marin. I’m originally from New York, and when I moved out to California my daily exercise routine halted and I put on some weight. Between Sherri's excellent classes, changing my diet, and a very bad winter chest cold, I have lost almost 15 pounds and am in better shape than I have been in quite a while. While a chest cold is not recommended, Sherri’s classes are. It’s a safe, non-judgmental and invigorating workout that boosts my self-esteem and improves my body. It’s the best of both worlds with a truly inspiring teacher.”

Chris Cerasi,
Editor Lucas Licensing Ltd. Marin Co

“Through Sherri’s gentle and unconditional giving of her heart, you will be opened up, fed and nourished with her abundance of yoga knowledge, wisdom and love. Sherri is truly a catalyst for those that want to further their understanding of the mind/body connection through the experience of yoga. What I have learned from Sherri is both infinite and priceless and will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Tim Lenheim,
Fitness and Yoga Instructor

“Thank you so much for the weekend at Green Gulch. I feel so grateful that I could be a part of it. I came with a heavy, raw heart. And then the yoga, everything returning again — inside my body. Breathing What a mystery! Ping - the bell sounds. What a deep joy, watching, listening, feeling, BEING. That inspiration is still with me — and I’m happy to say it feels deeper and stronger with each returning visit and retreat. A co-worker remarked that I looked different when I returned. She said, “More yoga weekends!” I AGREE!”

Ann G,
San Francisco

“I truly enjoy the new found spirit yoga has given me, for the very first time in my life I have connected with something that is athletic, involving my body and health and I have greatly benefited in so many ways. It has been an opening in my heart, my mind, and my body. The last year was one of tremendous change for me. I found you and your classes and that was my saving grace. I embraced it immediately ! I had found something new, I was in love with it. I am ready to focus on me and my life and what makes me happy. Yoga makes me happy, your yoga makes me feel alive and awake. I want to make the commitment to the training you are offering. I want to be a part of this dynamic group of people and I want to connect with more of them this year. Your encouragement and devotion is an inspiration and I want to keep that as a part of my life as it is a positive and beautiful complement to everything else I have to be thankful for.”

Chas Tiernan,
San Francisco

“I remember an inspiring class you gave two summers ago. I believe that you had just lost your father, and you read a wonderful passage. Well, it turned out that, that very day was the last time I saw my own father. I will always remember that gift you gave us. Your classes are memorable and exceptional. I hope to see you soon.”

San Rafael, CA

“My practice in Baptiste Yoga with you has been only a short time but has been life changing. I have been in the company of the yoga practice for 25 yrs. but this is the 1st time I have made a commitment to the practice and attribute my commitment to your teaching. You are an inspiring teacher. Thank you for bring the Baptiste Yoga practice to us and sharing your knowledge of yoga with us. Many blessings to you.”

San Rafael, CA

“I bought your video while you were away on retreat and vacation. I am so grateful to have it to bring with me on vacation. I have to let you know that while you were away I had the opportunity to practice with other teachers and no one compares to the way that you teach yoga. Everyone that taught was good in their own way but no one was as thorough as you are in their instruction of how to do yoga. This opportunity has shown me how blessed we are to have you as a teacher. Thank you for making this video and for sharing your knowledge of the yoga practice with us. Many blessings to you!”

Namaste, Susan,
Marin County, CA

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