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Dr. Melina Jampolis, Physician Nutrition Specialist

Question: Can yoga replace strength training?
I switched from doing two 40-minute full-body strength training routines to doing two hourlong power yoga classes each week. I'm concerned about losing muscle (and gaining weight). I don't necessarily feel the need to GAIN muscle, but don't want to lose the "toned" look and don't want my metabolism to slow due to muscle loss. I'm in my late 20s. Thanks!

Expert answer from Dr. Melina Jampolis
Hi Melissa. This is a great question. Even though you are young, your concern about losing muscle and slowing your metabolism is a good one. Muscle loss begins in your 30s and continues at a rate of about 3 percent per decade without adequate exercise and good nutrition. The latest government guidelines recommend two days of full-body strength training for optimal health and weight maintenance. Since I'm not a yoga expert, I consulted with nationally renowned yoga expert and author of "Yoga with Weights for Dummies" (Wiley Publishers), Sherri Baptiste.

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The Power and Potential of Yoga, Meditation and Breathing for the Caregiver
Yoga, Meditation and Breathing for the Caregiver
This is a wonderful article written by Sherri Baptiste that originally appeared in The Career Planning and Adult Development JOURNAL. It is about the challenges many are experiencing with caregiving and the benefits of Yoga in the process.

This is an excerpt of the article:
As counselors and coaches, you want to help your clients enjoy fulfilling personal and professional lives. Supporting caregiver clients so they can achieve a healthy balance in their lives can be challenging because they tend to be focused on helping other people rather than themselves. One way to assist caregivers is to introduce them to simple, doable techniques from yoga, meditation and breathing.

Yoga is the oldest system of self-development known and is actively used today by the millions of people. Yoga practices incorporate slow, steady natural weight-bearing, flexibility-enhancing postures that are ideal for everyone.
Read the article in its entirety; the link below is a .pdf document for your reference with the complete text including images of yoga poses, references and additional resources for support. The Power and Potential of Yoga, Meditation and Breathing for the Caregiver
Sherri Baptiste Yoga Wheel NorthBay Biz
Excerpt from: NorthBay Biz, May, 2007
Author: Karen Leland
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Expanded treatment options are changing the face of spas.

Beyond the gym
As it turns out, the idea of broadening the gym concept beyond a place to work out with weights isn’t all that new. In 1934, former Mr. America Walt Baptiste recognized there was more to fitness than was currently being offered in the San Francisco gyms of his day. Realizing the power of the mind/body connection, Baptiste was one of the first to create fitness studios that brought together yoga, weight training and even juice bars—cutting-edge workout wisdom for the early 20th century.

Today, his daughter Sherri Baptiste continues the tradition. Baptiste, author of Yoga With Weights for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, 2006), is a prominent Bay Area fitness teacher, offering classes at Gold’s Gym, Bay Club Marin, the Marin Jewish Community Center, Nautilus and Westerbeck Ranch, among others. She believes the most successful gyms are those that have a wider perspective when it comes to enhancing members’ overall well-being.

“Fitness isn’t just about picking up weights or taking an aerobics class,” says Baptiste. “All the best new gyms today are being developed with performance enhancing equipment in the weight rooms as well as yoga studios, Pilates rooms, mind/body programs, spas and child care facilities.”

Within the past year, Baptiste has seen significantly increased demand for her services from gyms and, in response, recently began offering Yoga with Weights classes at Gold’s Gym and Bay Club Marin in Corte Madera (the latter is one of the largest health clubs in Marin and a leader in the field of gym/spa partnering).

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Yoga to Go

Yoga to Go
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Dear Friends,
Welcome to our "Interview with Yoga Experts Series". This special edition of Yoga To Go's newsletter features our interviews with expert yoga teachers from around the world. These are teachers who are shaping the future of yoga and who I personally find inspiring. Through these interviews, you'll learn about their own journeys with yoga, as well as practical advice you can use to deepen your own yoga practice.
Nancy Wile

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