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Inner IDEA Inner IDEA
Move Yourself, Move the World
Thursday, September 6, 2007
by Joy Keller - Joy Keller's blog of Inner IDEA

Are you ready to be moved?

The time is now. The Inner IDEA Conference experience began Thursday at the La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs with a definitive reflective quality. Attendees made the pilgrimage from various pockets of the world, all with a common mindset: consciousness and purpose.

The journey in store this weekend is about allowing yourself to be moved so that you in turn can move others. I've already met quite a few people during the preconference who no doubt are taking their personal journeys to new heights. It was during Sherri Baptiste's all-day session "Power of Yoga Intensive Training" that I first realized how pivotal this weekend was going to be for so many. Baptiste, who is a walking yoga bible, created a very sacred space for yogis and yoginis in what would otherwise be a regular old conference room (albeit a resort conference room). She beckoned everyone-about 60 people-into a circle and gave each one a piece of time to carve out communication.

I was impressed and awe-struck by the variety and depth represented in the room. Many people had retired from other jobs and decided to take the yoga teacher plunge. One woman was a former Air Force officer. Another woman had picked up yoga 10 years earlier-at the age of 62-and was now a yoga therapist. She was a walking testament to the age-defying benefits of practicing yoga. Another attendee made the trip from Japan. Yet another had decided to turn to yoga following years of dealing with chronic pain.

Baptiste listened intently to each individual. She gifted everyone with her attention, and in response people returned the gift to each other. You could see the web of community weaving its way around the room, connecting each individual to another and another and yet another, further defining the sacred space. "We're not doing yoga here today," Baptiste said. "We're learning how to be yoga. To be a yogi is to be on a path. To be on a path is to find a practice." And so it is.

I look forward to being moved and sharing with you highlights from this transformational experience called Inner IDEA.     Namasté.

Yoga Woman Traveler Yoga on the Run -
by Blogger - womantraveler, For the woman traveler and those who travel with her
May 25, 2006

The more I travel, the more I miss -- and need -- yoga. Stretching after prolonged sitting and walking, cramped in coach coast to coast, not to mention the physical and psychic energy that yoga provides, enhance the experience of an active womantraveler.

My best new tips:

March/April 2006
Alternative Medicine Magazine

It always surprises me to hear people say that I have a high threshold for pain. I don’t actually. I’m no saint when it comes to pain, and childbirth was no exception. I certainly was not one of those women who looked forward to the process. I just wanted to get it over with as quickly, safely, and painlessly as possible, but nevertheless I opted for a natural childbirth without any drugs—with all four of my children. As a result I felt it every inch of the way as those babies of mine—two daughters and two sons—worked their way out into the world. What really helped me was my understanding of the power of yoga breathing and an ability to harness that power. Through it all, I stayed calm as the contractions intensified and I gave birth without using any drugs.

Learn about prenatal yoga with weights; float your way to pain relief — click here and learn how!
—Sherri Baptiste-Freeman

Sherri Baptiste - Yoga with Weights
Marin Independent Journal

" Instructor combines yoga, weights for faster results

Rick Polito — Marin Independent Journal

YOGA CAN take it.

A practice blending mind and body, yoga draws an aura of spirituality into the gym with a pure form of movement and awareness. So when Sherri Baptiste Freeman drops weights into yoga and calls it a “workout,“ it sounds almost sacrilegious. But yoga can take it, says Baptiste Freeman, whose "Yoga with Weights for Dummies" is new in print ($21.95 from Wiley Press). “It's all yoga,“ she says. And she should know. The inspirational Kentfield mother of four has a virtual yoga pedigree.

The article continues on . . .


"YOGA WITH WEIGHTS" & Sherri Baptiste
New form of yoga includes weight training

With all of its deep knee-bending poses, yoga is a great workout for the legs. To give the arms more work, some instructors are adding the use of hand weights to the ancient practice.

The popular "For Dummies" book series is releasing in December "Yoga With Weights for Dummies," written by Sherri Baptiste, a longtime yoga instructor and founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga™ from Marin County, Calif., where she operates the Baptiste Power of Yoga studio, retreats, workshops and teachers training programs. Read the complete story by TulsaWorld . . .

Yogi Times Magazine - February 2005 Issue 29

a retreat for the soul by magdalena winter

Sherri Baptiste’s retreat at Green Gulch Zen Center was a shower of light for our souls. The three-day yoga and mediation retreat was a silent one, and that was just what I needed.

I arrived at the center with a broken heart, and a broken spirit. My sweetheart was moving out or our home, and I was not taking it well. Read the complete story.

Marin Independent Journal

Extending the legacy
Born to fitness leaders Walt and Magaña Baptiste, Sherri Baptiste Freeman was destined to teach yoga.

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