“I love the way your soft spoken words fill my heart with joyful wisdom and the way you masterfully awaken and strengthen my body as you so gracefully move us through the Baptiste yoga classes. I am inspired to do my very best. Your classes have enlightened my being and enriched my health far beyond my greatest expectations. As you know I have studied and practiced yoga with the masters in the 60-70s only to have realized they were preparing me for you.”

Dr. John C,
Marin , Yoga for Men Over Fifty

“This whole purification process and teacher training has been truly a wonderful enfolding of the yogic path. I needed this purification process very badly because of a digestive problem I have. I am doing beautifully and feel great. It has given me the opportunity to get light and sattvic and to train my mind to continue with a purer diet.”

San Francisco Bay Area

“My body is leaner and stronger, as well as more flexible. Mentally, I fell more calm and in control.”

Rob Jensen Marin County, CA

“Lessons with Sherri have taken my practice to a deeper dimension. Sherri’s attention to my breath is uncanny — giving me instructions to breathe into my collarbones or the small of my back — she is constantly scanning my body and finding places where I need to let go of tension. Sherri’s worked to help me gain hip flexibility and ease hip pain. She’s taught me to really breathe and approach my practice with gratitude. I don’t remember if the Buddhist saying is that when the teacher is ready, the students will appear, or the other way around, but I know that when I found Sherri, I was ready for yoga with a heart, a spirit, and a great physical, strengthening, toning practice. I found all that, and a dear friend when I began studying with Sherri.”

S.F. Business

“Thank you so much such a fabulous re-treat / re-energizing / re-centering week in Tulum. I had such an incredibly transformative week and my colleagues and friends continue to tell me that I ‘look’ different -- more relaxed, more in my body, and definitely more in my mind/spirit. I continue to honor the gains I made during the week and hold onto the sights, sounds, smells and other sensations from the intense practice and gorgeous surroundings. Many, many thanks for all of your inspiring teaching and

K. O’Malley
Attorney Boston, Massachusetts

“Re: Green Gulch - I just wanted to thank you again for a really beautiful and powerful experience, I just had such a really great time. I don’t even know what words to share with you at the moment, I just wanted to send you lots of love and gratitude and let you know how much I enjoyed you, and your energy. It was just a quite a rich and full experience, and I really appreciated the environment and the beautiful care you took of all of us. The hikes! every participant!... I just loved it, and the multitude of wonderful experiences that I want to keep touching. I thought of you this morning as I began my meditation and really practiced the breathing. I loved it, thank you so much take very good care.”

Graphic Design

“Each class is a breathing class. Thank you for teaching me to gently open this body, and spirit slowly, gradually - as nature works.”

Real Estate - Colorado

“I have heard few people with your gift of gentle expression. Your Yoga instruction was powerful [it had the feeling of private instruction] and the inner journey really spoke to me.”

Author and Public Speaker

“You have made a huge difference in my life and I will always feel blessed by that.”

Commercial Film Set Designer

“You have been & will continue to be an extraordinary teacher that has had an enormous impact on my health & well-being. I am very grateful!”

Nutritionist and Chef

“Sherri’s Yoga Class has taught me to be more patient in my workouts and my approach to life. The increased flexibility has made me actually feel younger and has enhanced my other sporting ventures such as skiing and sailing. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Sherri’s classes.”

William E. James,
Marin County, CA

“Sherri’s Yoga training is more than just physical. Through her training she has helped me to become aware of my emotional, physical, and mental state as well. Through her training I have learned to live in the present, and know myself as I exist on different levels of consciousness.”

Pat Lum,
San Francisco

“Sherri has been and remains a very important person in my life since she has the great ability to encourage and assist me in my exploration of yoga. The classes, and your thoughts have opened my mind and body. Yoga is a choice, a lifestyle. I am very willing to be on this path, for the best is yet to come as I continually unfold. This is Yoga. -Thank you for showing me the way. Your light burns bright and radiates to all around you.”

Executive Secretary - Marin County CA

“Thank you for your great yoga classes. I appreciate your emphasis on spine, breathing, stretching and strengthening the body and mind. I look forward to each class and feel such great benefits from them. Having studied at the calif Insatiate of Integral Studies and elsewhere I have come across numerous yoga teaching practices-by far for me, yours is the best! With appreciation for the quality of your work and the quality of your presentation.”

David Keller,
Finance and Real Estate - Marin County CA

“Thank you so much for being such a positive influence in my life - your class has made such a difference in my physical and psychological well being!”

Marin County CA

“I have yet to come down from the wonderful Yoga Intensive - that is to say my level of consciousness has reached new heights, while my being feels totally grounded. I’m so grateful for your encouragement and support. thank you for consistently sharing your gift and wisdom and enriching our space.”

Executive and Administrative Assistant - Marin County CA

“My greatest discovery of was right at home in San Anselmo, a yoga class with Sherri at my local gym. I began attending classes (three times per week) about this time last year, hoping it would bring some relaxation to a some what stressful holiday season. Needless to say, it worked so well that I returned again, and again and again... Now a year later I am happier, healthier, stronger, and thinner. I have found yoga to be an amazing practice able of maintaining optimum mental and physical health throughout life. I can’t say enough about it.”

Tech Industry San Francisco, CA

“ a coordinator for photo shoots, I travel a lot and am often subject to high pressure situations. I can always hear your voice saying, ‘Remember to breathe,’ when I’m under stress and it’s really made a tremendous difference. Somehow I’m able to keep a cool head and glide trough the chaos. So, thanks, Sherri, for the delight of your inspirational classes, and for taking the time to teach us something that will continue to be such a positive force in our lives.”

Photographer - San Francisco, CA

“Dear Sherri…Thank you so much for sharing your words, thoughts, music, heart and soul with me this week. Your Life is Truly Your Message and you lead by example. all those who see you come to profoundly understand them meaning of the word Love. YOU GO GIRL! Uplift the Race and do the Planet Proud.”

Fitness Coach & Teacher Rancho La Puerta

“Sherri…I am so thrilled to have had the time with you at the Ranch. Thank you, thank you thank you. I feel cared for…centered…physically healed/relaxed and very, very grateful to you Sherri Baptiste Freeman. You are a beautiful loving bright light…and your radiance shines in the work you do! I am so thrilled to have had the time with you at the Ranch.”

Guest at Rancho La Puerta Spa

“The effects of last weekends retreat are still with me. I want to thank you again for bringing all your knowledge, wisdom and beautiful soul to the retreat. For me the experience was beyond my imagination. I’m looking forward to sharing another workshop/retreat with your very soon. As you said ‘rink it all in’...I&rsm thirsty for more!”

Teacher - Marin County CA

“Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend retreat. We found it to be healing, fun, enriching and magical and hope to return. You’re such a beautiful and gifted teacher and friend-we cherish our window of time with you always.”

Fritz and Karen,
Green Gulch Zen Center

“Your special style, beauty and inspiration last weekend is still resonating in Me. I tried to soak up all the sights and peaceful sounds of such a tranquil place. For all of this and much much more, I thank you again for leading all of us through our yoga and meditation with all your grace and wisdom. I feel truly blessed to be one of your students. Thank you! Thank you!”

San Diego CA

“So, my dear teacher, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and skillful instruction. I am not exaggerating when I say I think of you with great gratitude every time I do yoga. I just wanted to thank you for the superb instruction I received from you for three plus years, not only in yoga but also, just as much for the superb instruction in breathing. I have been amazed at the increase in my lung capacity, etc. that developed and health professionals have commented on it. I am so grateful to you.”

Becky White,
Monk in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition

“Green Gulch was a beautiful experience and your students are wonderful! You have made a significant impact on my life, my yoga and my career, I can’t even begin to thank you enough.”

Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner

“Thank you for offering The Baptiste Power of Yoga Teacher’s Training. All of the workshops have been excellent and profound. I’ve learned that the branches and roots of yoga are very deep and can be studied a lifetime. I’m very appreciative of how generously and graciously you give of yourself.”

Administrative Assistant - Marin County CA

“I ‘returned’ from last weekend’s experience expansive and expanded. I have a sense of the planning and preparation such a weekend entails, and your thoroughness was most appreciated. As you know the impact of the experience continues to unfold, and I am most excited, thankful for the way in which my soul and body have been touched. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an effective way.”

Episcopal Minister/Parish Priest

“Sherri Baptiste Freeman represents, the perfect balance between the physical and mental aspects of this ancient discipline - no easy task to anyone who has experienced yoga. She is professional yet approachable; she is warm yet determined; she knowingly accommodates the personal physical limitations of participants in the class, while simultaneously challenging them to gently, yet aggressively progress through their previously established barriers of resistance. Given her background, she is thoroughly knowledgeable in The Eastern Philosophy surrounding yoga. yet incorporates it in such a way that is easily understood and totally non-treatening to western students. In short, She is wonderful!! Sherri is very highly respected, revered, and regarded here in Marin County and is personally responsible for expanding at least three yoga programs of which I am aware. Any program fortunate enough to procure her services quickly realizes the immense wisdom, expertise, professionalism, and value that she carries with her.”

P. Applegate,
Atherton, CA

“To say I had a breakthrough last Thursday in class, would be the understatement of the year! I went on every step of that hour long journey with you and it was the most exhilarating feeling imaginable. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have given me. It has made such a tremendous impact. Although I’ve studied yoga 25 years, it took until now to get some real wisdom behind the practice. I GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Writer and Graphic Design - Mill Valley, CA

“You are such an influential teacher for me and find much inspiration in your beautiful centeredness and strength. In gratitude and appreciation.”

Michele Elliott

“Much of who I am today, Sherri, has been because of your spirit and gifts. Six years ago I started the yoga classes with you and now today I see myself as centered, strong, calm, and flexible. Witnessing my standing postures was a wonderful acknowledgment of this. Thank you again for sharing your gifts. I feel such gratitude that I have you as a teacher and above all as a friend.”

C. Thorner,
Teacher and Artist

“Sherri Baptiste Freeman has offered us inspiration and awareness through her classes in the Baptiste Method of Yoga. Through my practice of the Baptiste Method of Yoga I have discovered and cultivated an inner dependence and strength. My physical strength has increased, but more so I have developed a strong sense of self-confidence. The changes have occurred from the inside out. The Baptiste Method of Yoga is practical and straightforward. The only mystery to be discovered are those hidden treasures within each of us. My experiences continue to change my life. I have established a healthier and happier approach to life. The possibilities are endless!”

RN & Yoga Teacher

“Just a short note to thank you for your yoga classes and retreat and to compliment you on your remarkable skills as a teacher. It’s not only the physical work, the way you gently and skillfully guide us into the poses and then draw attention to just those places I don’t even realize are tense, but also the mental and spiritual nourishment, which I enjoy so much. Your classes are truly something special.”

Michael Wanger,
Award Winning Film & Video Producer

“Sherri is an excellent teacher. She is consistent. she is an example of what she teaches. She is also loving and present. For me, yoga has become an important balance. It helps me to focus and release the tensions of the day, exercising my mind and body. Sherri’s focus on breathing has begun to break through chronic patterns I have of shortening my breath when I become tense. I find my mind telling me to ‘breathe’ when I am in traffic! Consequently, a chronic pain problem form arthritis, stiffness in my hips and knees have all improved from gentle stretching and breathing. I started this class with the attitude that it was medicine I had to give myself like a distasteful pill that was good for me. After three weeks, there was a shift. It began to feel good, and so did I. Thank you Sherri, for the patience and encouragement you give the beginners, and the challenge and push you give the advanced students.”

Melissa Horton,
Director, Inspirit Counseling Center

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