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Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method™ is the latest breakthrough in mind-body exercise, integrating the mindfulness of yoga with the physical culture of bodybuilding. Yoga has the power to transform peoples lives and empower individuals in ways that working out alone simply cannot. Combining the two is empowering. Building on the strengths of both disciplines, this user-friendly system combines breath-based yoga postures held in accurate alignment, while simultaneously working out with light weight ankle and or hand-held free weights.

Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method™ utilizes 1, 3 and a maximum of up to 5 pound hand-held and/or ankle weights. Not every exercise uses both ankle and hand weights at the same time, but some do. The weights stabilize your body and encourage you to feel the action of the yoga practice itself. The exercises combine and synchronize the balance of hard and soft, strength and grace, stability and flexibility so that your entire body is engaged in a challenging and exciting new way. You’ll want to experiment carefully with the different weights and choose the size that gives you the best workout.

Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method™ is one of the best ways to achieve overall physical fitness and personal well being physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a breath into breath, moment into moment type of exercise. In each exercise you’re taught to move mindfully from the breath into each action or extension. Yoga with weights exercise is supportive in building core stability, bone density and balance. The exercises stimulate muscle toning, strength and coordination. You develop flexibility, keeping muscles and joints limber and active. Yoga with weights will help you relax, breath well, renew your energy and keeps you feeling your best.

The Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method™ gives customizable exercises that target specific areas of the body, each illustrated with multiple photos and guidelines for combining healthy eating with workouts. Prenatal exercises, yoga therapy techniques and practices for seniors are also provided.