WHEREAS, a healer, a teacher, a director, a leader, Ms. Magana Baptiste is truly an inspirational and legendary force in San Francisco; and

WHEREAS, the first runner-up in the Miss U.S.A. contest of 1951, Magana Baptiste later helped mainstream the science and sport of body building and assisted in introducing it to a female audience; and

WHEREAS, an inductee of the Dance Hall of Fame and an internationally recognized living legacy in the world of dance, Magana Baptiste has performed in the Pearl Fishers Opera, Carmen, and on the Ed Sullivan Show; she has been a choreographer and consultant to the San Francisco Ballet, was the founder of the Nijinsky Art Collection and recipient of the same organization's Achievement Award for dance; she is the founder and director of the Magana Baptiste International School of Dance in San Francisco; and

WHEREAS, a holistic healer and spiritual guru, Magana Baptiste was the co-founder of the first ever institute of yoga in San Francisco, and later duplicated her work opening the first of its kind yoga school in El Salvador; she was also responsible for establishing the Baptiste Health and Fitness Center, the most complete health and fitness center of its kind ever, and authored the books "Breath of Life" and the "Holistic Art of Belly Dancing"; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Willie L. Brown Jr., Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, in recognition of her incredible achievements do hereby proclaim August 3, 2002 as