For Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Certification

Program Breakdown, Requirements, and Fees:

TECHNIQUES: 173 hours

  1. 150 hr.
    Minimum of 200 Baptiste Power of Yoga Class hours required for teacher certification*
    Sherri Baptiste Freeman

  2. 4 hr.
    Pranayama - Breath is Life
    Richard Miller, Ph.D.
    11/ 12/05 2: -6 p.m. Green Gulch

  3. 19 hr
    Meditation & Philosophy - The Art & Science of Meditation, Living Buddhism,
    and the Yoga Tradition
    Stephen Cope + Sherri Baptiste
    Kripalu 7/31/05 and Green Gulch Weekends-11/ 6/05 + 11/11


  1. 4 hr.
    The Business of Teaching Yoga
    Larry Payne, Ph.D.
    11/5/05 2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

  2. 50 hr
    Meetings with Yoga Teacher Training Group (Group-held in retreat & Individual)
    Sherri Baptiste Freeman
    GROUP MEETINGS – 4/3-4/9 (daily 5 hrs) =30
    Individual Student Consultations and (3 hrs)
    Green Gulch + Haramara 4/05-4/09, 11/4/05-11/06/05 + 11/11/05-11/13/05  =(16+ hr.)

  3. Baron Baptiste – Yoga Journal Conference Jan 14,05
    (3 hours teaching methodology)


  1. 10 hr.
    Stephen Katz –Anatomy and Asana (Therapeutic Emphasis)
    Sherri Baptiste Freeman
    Sept 25, 26 05Õ- 1:00-6:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

  2. 20 hr.
    Asana & Anatomy (alignment and benefits emphasis)
    Megan Scott 4/03/05-4/09/05 (8 hours)
    Sherri Baptiste Freeman 4/03/05-4/09/05 (12 hours)
    11/8-11/10/02 Friday 6-9pm Saturday 9-12  3- 6  and Sunday 9-12 Haramara

  3. 8 hr.
    Yoga Therapy (Megan Scott 4/03/05-4/09/05 Haramara (4 hours)

  4. 4hr
    Baron Baptiste – Yoga Journal Conference Jan 14,05 9am-4:30


  1. 32 hr.
    Yoga: and Philosophy Seminar
    Stephen Cope – (15 hours) July 31-Aug 6/05 Kripalu
    Ravi Nathwani – (15hours) April 3- 9/05 Haramara
    History- Sherri Baptiste Haramara April 3- 9/05 (1hours)
    Green Gulch 11/05 Larry Payne and Sherri Baptiste (2hours)
  2. 2 hr.
    Dharma Talk & Meditation
    Lee De Barrows Green Gulch Priest
    11/4/05 + 11/11/05 = 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

  3. 7 hr. (tentative)
    Nutrition and Purification for Optimal Health
    Dr Elson Haas + Sherri Baptiste Freeman
    (to be scheduled) 05' - 2:30-5:30 p.m. (3hr)  + (2hr) + (2hr) = 7hrs

  4. 50 hr.
    In-class Baptiste Method Yoga philosophy, ethics and lifestyle training
    (from 200 required class hours)
    Sherri Baptiste Freeman


Three hours of private sessions/consultations, will be needed by the registered participant of this program. Sessions must be schedule with Sherri Baptiste at her convenience, and private hourly rate ($125 per hour). These sessions are necessary to meet the requirements of, and training for Certification as a 'yoga teacher'.  These sessions will cover: How to Teach a Yoga Class: Individualized Teacher Training; to include Teaching Critique, Voice Projection, Presence: Voice & Body Language, Ethical Teacher/Student Relationships.

Fees: Registered participants of the program are responsible for:

Due at Time of Registration: $150 Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC (office fee)
Due at Time of Certification: $200  (Certificate fee)
Yoga Alliance Registration fee: at time of certification (payable directly to Yoga Alliance around -$50)
Three Private Consultations with Sherri Baptiste: 3X's $125 (ideally one early into the training,
two towards the end)
Cost of all required at a Glance 2005: Retreats, workshops, tuitions, accommodations, travel fees, etc.
Cost of any and all Baptiste Power of Yoga classes to bring up total of 200 required in class hours.

To participant in this program: Commitment to personal and ongoing practice is a huge element in this process of certification through the Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC Teacher Training Program: To receive 'Yoga Teacher Certification' through this program, you must have a minimum of 200 hours of your own personal in class practice time, with Sherri Baptiste. It is essential in the instructors that are being mentored through, that they have an ongoing, and strong commitment to their own personal practice, and a strong tie to, and sincere interest in the Baptiste style, system, energy and Method of Yoga during the training.
  • the training program must be taken sequentially, and cannot be attended out of order. Completion of each session is a prerequisite for the next session. Hours and Credits will be given and recorded towards 'yoga teacher certification' for those registered in the Baptiste Power of Yoga Teachers Training Program.

  • It is the responsibility of the registered participant to keep a log of all session, retreats, workshops, and classes attended, during the training period.

  • The minimum requirement of 200 class hours with Sherri Baptiste Freeman is usually far    exceeded by students in this teacher training group; most have 300 class hours or   more.

200 hours is not hard - most of you already have that and much more!

  • 2 classes per week for one year will equal approximately 100 hrs

  • 3 classes per week for one year is about 150 hrs

  • 1 day workshop or day retreats - gives 8-10 hrs

  • Workshops and Conference Sessions with Sherri Baptiste – gives hour - per hour credit

  • Green Gulch Baptiste Retreats - 25 hrs ea

  • Yucatan Baptiste Retreat with Baron and Sherri gave 45 hrs

  • Bali Baptiste Vacations: 25 hrs ea

  • Haramara Retreat with Training Program: 50 hrs

  • Kripalu:  40

    *If registered participants, especially out of town registered Teachers Training Program participants do not meet in-class hours required by end of 2005, they may continue into 06' with collecting hours necessary until complete.

2005 Teachers Training Program additional in-class hours/credits with other teachers include:

  • Baron Baptiste Workshops, boot camps, and teachers training (25 hours for one week)

  • Sherri Baptiste or Baron Workshop/conference attendance:per hour
    (3 hour workshop = 3 hour credit, etc)

  • Week long Baptiste Power Vinyasa teacher trainings, or boot camps: 25 hours

    Michele Hebert and Mehrad Nazari : Classes-per hour credit, workshop
    (3 hour workshop = 3 hour credit, etc), weekend retreat 10 hours, weeklong 25

  • Linda Prosche, Jennifer Prugh, Chas Tiernan, Susan Eaton, Eva Yearsly: hourly class credits


The terms stated herein do not constitute a binding agreement or acceptance into this program, your application must me reviewed, and approved and accepted into the 05' program first. Then we must have your signed application and your registration fee.

**As a mentor, and guide through this process of training for the Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC Training Program 2005; it is at the sole discretion of Sherri Baptiste Freeman, when she feels the student is ready, to then, and only then give 'yoga teacher certification'.  Each student in the training is recognized as individual, and unique in his or her timing for certification.

**Having been trained in the Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC Teacher Training and Advancing Studies Program, does NOT give the right or permission to use the Baptiste Family or Baptiste, Baptiste Power of Yoga™, or Power of Yoga™ Business name.

**Use of the Baptiste name in style of teacher, and or teaching style may be used only with written permission from
Sherri Baptiste, Magana Baptiste, or Baron Baptiste.

To become and remain actively recognized as a certified 'yoga teacher' through the Baptiste Study Programs; Yoga Teacher Insurance must be carried by the Certified Yoga Teacher/Instructor at all times when and wherever teaching. Baptiste Power of Yoga,LLC and/ or Sherri Baptiste Freeman, and or her heirs, are in no way responsible, or liable for the actions of said: 'certified yoga teacher'.   It is also recommended that the 'certified yoga teacher' register with California Yoga Teachers Association, International Association of Yoga Therapists, and Yoga Alliance and follows their guidelines of ethics and conduct.

To Register click here <printable registration form>

Dated: Dec 9, 2004

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