A 'Yoga Alliance Registered/Recognized Program'

Yoga Teacher Certification and Advancing Studies Program
** 200 hr & 500 hr Standards

Director: Sherri Baptiste, CYT, IYT, ERYT 500

Postures, Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Anatomy & Physiology,
Pranayama/Breath Work, Philosophy, Meditation, Specialty - Yoga with Weights.

Teacher Certification Program and Advancing Studies Programs 2007 - 2008
are now in progress. If you would like information on joining this ongoing training
or for future training with Sherri Baptiste of Baptiste Power of Yoga™
or Yoga with Weights Training please send an email to
We welcome your questions and interest for this and future programs.

From the desk of Sherri Baptiste:

Dear Friends and Students of Yoga,

The very first Baptiste Inspired 'Yoga Teacher Certification' Program and Training that I was involved in took place in La Jolla California 1998. Since then it has been my pleasure to organize several other 'Baptiste Inspired' Teacher Training's based out of Marin County California. These training's have cultivated the professional evolution of some exceptional teachers now enriching many of the yoga programs being offered in our communities. Some have integrated these yogic techniques into their personal training of clients or instructing group classes in mainstream gyms, yoga studios, fitness centers, schools, and hospitals.... with some even cultivating their own teacher's training programs and presenting at conference level today. It's exciting for us all... and a joy to see this potential realized.

I've been told by students who study with some of the teachers inspired and certified through these Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC 'Yoga Alliance registered' Programs that these: Baptiste Inspired 'Certified Yoga Teachers' are completely different from one another, unique and authentic in who they are and how they express themselves as teachers, and yet they have one thing in common...and that is that they 'these certified teachers' are EXCELLENT!

Requests have been steady in the last year for another training, so much so that I'm drawn towards mentoring those interested through their training in 2007-2008. To meet the needs and desires of both local students, and other requests from around the country for a: Teacher Training, 'Yoga Teacher Certification' and Advancing Studies Program, I've taken a hard look at the best way to provide this, and how best to optimize our time together in 2007-2008.

To maximize our time, and commitment in this area, and to give participants the proper credits and training necessary to qualify for Certification as a 'Yoga Teacher', I do see a window of opportunity to support and mentor those truly interested in this training with retreats, and workshops. Training's will be with myself, and a special selection of expert and master teachers to balance the participant's experience and integrity of study over the next year or time that it takes to complete the training.

There are classes, workshops, conference, retreats, yoga therapy conferences and even a yoga journey to sacred sites and an ashram program in India this year 2008 that will help you to fulfill necessary elements. It's through these experiences and continued inspiration, study, understanding and growth in the Baptiste Power of Yoga™ 2007-2008 Training/Advancing Studies Program that one will grow into the teaching qualities that lie within. Registrations flow in for these retreats, trips, and workshops filling them to capacity, our space is limited. I encourage you to always reserve your space and book your air early for best rates when registering....they really do fill. Take your training with us seriously and secure your space as these events are typically offered to the larger student body as well and not only to the teachers training groups. Our process of training tends to be exciting, joyful, community rich, and in-depth. Particpants find the programs personally rewarding and transformative in the process with beautiful retreats for the body, that inspire the mind and awaken the heart as well.

Trainings together are built on the foundation of personal practice. Your personal practice opens you towards deeper realizations of a greater perspective that yoga and life has to offer you. The practice, and teaching of yoga is personally fulfilling...but to become a real teacher calls for a strong commitment to practice, study and continual life long personal development. The approach in these program is for practical training with real life understanding of what it is to teach. The Baptiste Method of Yoga™ also offers optimal and excellent training for your own personal practice, or for you as a teacher wishing to grow and deepen in what is brought forth to the students you work with.

Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC Training's offer a unique opportunity to enhance, refresh, motivate, and inspire not only the practitioner on every level, but serve to enhance the ability as a teacher to serve the student well with skillful understanding, and to contribute to the greater good of the community with personal truth and integrity in the process. For those interested in the 2007-2008 program you'll deepen your foundation and understanding in the basic skills, learning to teach a safe and effective class to your students. You'll also find that the 2007-2008 training will offer some sessions with special emphasis on the healing qualities and therapeutics of yoga. This type of instructional knowledge is so valuable in the longevity of being a teacher, and what you have to offer others.

Please contact and join us if's a very special invitation that I'm extending to you.

The process of this on-going training and advancing studies for the participants in 2007-2008 will be personally enriching and rewarding in every way. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in participating in this special invitation and for more info click here:

Program at a Glance 2007-2008

With warmest regards,

Sherri Baptiste

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