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BAPTISTE POWER OF YOGA, with Sherri Baptiste - 2006
Calendar of current yoga retreats and workshops
  • Join Sherri Baptiste as she shares her wisdom and love of yoga with you. During these weeklong retreats, conferences, and weekend workshops, you will experience the unique quality and depth of the Baptiste Method of Yoga. Since the 1940's the Baptiste Method of Personal Development has offered world-class instruction for integration and well being of body, mind, and spirit. A highly refined style established in the West Coast by yoga legends and pioneers Magaña and Walt Baptiste. this method includes not only hatha yoga and meditation, but also a variety of techniques and tools for accessing and sustaining mental, emotional, and physical well being and optimal health and fitness. Sherri will skillfully guide you through practices that offer profound life-changing effects, in a simple way that is accessible to everyone from all walks of life. Participants will bring home new skills, improved health, greater awareness, deeper understanding. Come for Empowerment, Renewal and Inspiration. All levels welcome.

  • Sherri Baptiste, is the daughter of two of America's yoga-health-fitness pioneers Magana & Walt Baptiste, Sherri is an inspirational teacher at the forefront of yoga training in America. A presenter at the LA Yoga Conference, Body Mind Spirit Conference, ECA NYC, IDEA & INNER IDEA World Fitness Conferences, Rancho La Puerta Spa, and Green Gulch Zen Center, Feathered Pipe Ranch, Kripalu and Omega Centers. Registered with The International Association of Yoga Therapists, she has served as yoga teacher for the Dean Ornish program, Bridgepoint Yoga Program Director, and is the columnist and yoga expert for Voice of Author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies –Wiley Publishers 2006, and the founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga™ offering Retreats, Teachers Training program recognized by Yoga Alliance.

A few common asked questions about the retreats and workshops:

  • Who are these retreats appropriate for?
    These retreats and workshops will be great for anyone interested in yoga, meditation, and health. This is for the layperson, beginner to expert, and householders to CEO's, anyone wishing to develop a deep intermediate practice over time and with consistency. Excellent also for Yoga teachers, health and fitness professionals wanting to bring in yogic depth to their classes and clients too. The Yoga Alliance and a Registered Yoga Alliance School recognize Sherri Baptiste and the Baptiste Power of Yoga Programs.

  • How do Participants learn?
    You learn through personal experience, group discussion, writing, lecture, hiking and yoga related: You will be skillfully and gently guided through each practice with modifications given throughout the practice. You will be encouraged to work at your own level of ability while working towards mastery of an intermediate practice to bring home.

  • How is best as a participant to prepare for this workshop or retreat?
    Recommended but not required to prepare for this week, would be to practice with Sherri Baptiste's Power of Yoga and Meditation DVD. Recommended reading would include Yoga with Weights for Dummies by Sherri Baptiste for principals of breath and consciousness in practice, and Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste for mental preparation, and the yoga postures, all available through

  • Are these workshops or retreats physically rigorous?
    The Baptiste Method of Yoga. You will be skillfully and gently guided through each practice, with modifications given throughout the practice. The practice is based on postures for serenity, strength, and beauty. Working towards mastery of an intermediate practice, morning practices, each day at retreats, and workshops will give extended time to develop and establish your series of flowing movements with breath that will strengthen the muscles of the mind as well as toning, and sculpting the body. You’ll experience breakthroughs in your practice and in what you bring home. Breath work is at the heart of it all. You will experience many personal benefits from this natural process, bringing peace of mind, while strengthening the body's immune system, slowing biologic aging processes, awakening regenerative energies, balancing the nervous system, and nurturing enhanced creative abilities. You’ll learn first hand through your own practice, with ways to bring this home, why Physicians, psychologists, and other professionals endorse yoga, meditation, and these techniques and practices as a powerful tools for relieving stress, maintaining health, and promoting creativity and vitality. You will be encouraged to work at your own level of ability while working towards mastery of an intermediate practice to bring home.

  • What equipment is needed?
    It’s very simple and always comfortable and casual. A complete list of what to bring is sent you by the Host Retreat Center/Institute hosting the event, or by Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC when appropriate.

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