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Sherri Baptiste Freeman Power of Yoga video

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The Baptiste Power of Yoga Method
Video Cover Front and Back
With dynamic and inspirational music "Cruise Control" provided by internationally acclaimed recording artist Steven Halpern.

In this carefully guided presentation you will experience the power of the Baptiste Method of Yoga while practicing a flowing series of breath based hatha yoga postures. This video captures the unique style and strength of the Baptiste Method of Yoga.

The focus is on enhancing physical and mental strength, balance, flexibility, and tone, while cultivating energy, a beautiful body and an inspired state of being. You will be instructed and encouraged to work at your own level.

SHERRI BAPTISTE FREEMAN is a dynamic teacher at the forefront of yoga training in America, and comes from a lineage of master teachers. She is the daughter of two of America's yoga pioneers Magana & Walt Baptiste, who established yoga on the West Coast in the mid-50's. Sherri is the founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga™ in Marin Co/San Francisco Bay area. She offers Baptiste Power of Yoga™ Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Teachers Training, and leads Yoga Vacations nationally and internationally. Sherri Baptiste takes the spirit and practice of yoga to new levels.

This beautiful video was shot on one of Northern California's most sacred mountains. Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, California, located just north of San Francisco, opening onto the Pacific Ocean. Mt. Tam is a source of re-creation in its most literal sense of health, clarity, stillness, and beauty.

This flowing practice includes: breath work, preparation exercises, standing postures, classic yoga and simple back postures, abdominal sculpting, relaxation, and restorative meditation. This flowing practice was designed with the physically active in mind.

Note to Beginners: If you are new to yoga and want to use this video; view the video first in its entirety. When practicing, work at your own level of ability, never force, rest when you need to rest, be consistent in your practice and with time your practice will grow. . . . NAMASTE

Students comments:
“What a beautiful video [well-planned, thorough, challenging, perfectly timed to have us take our time with the practice]; its full of your beautiful presence. As a practitioner you model yoga for us - but you teach us so well: cueing, gentle yet instructive voice, attention to details. You are a superb teacher.” Jennifer Lord

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I was very excited this morning to get to do your video and it was excellent!

I appreciate all the shoulder warm ups at the beginning because that is an area that takes some warming up in the morning and it helped a lot by the time you get to the down dogs. Often if I move into Down Dog before my shoulder are open it is difficult for me to hold that particular pose and many videos get there a bit early for me ( and I've got about 55 yoga videos these days).

You include a LOT of variations of poses I've not seen and one of the shoulder openers that reminded me of a Qigong stretch (between heaven and earth). Really cool! .

It was tough also, I was definitely ready for Savasana and meditation at the end:)

I particularly enjoyed the warrior sequence, the way you flow from virabhadrasana 1, to 2, to the reverse warrior and then looking down over the lower shoulder. That was awesome for me as it helped release my neck which is another area of tightness for me.

What I also liked is that while it was VERY challenging all the poses were possible for me, no leg behind the head poses which probably won't happen for me in this particular lifetime:) That is something I appreciate about Baron's tapes also, the challenging yet practical nature of the series on his tapes also.

Well, I could go on and on about your tape but I just wanted to thank you for making it. It'll be a regular part of my home practice (which I do every day). I'll be looking for your next one! Take care, Scott F from Nashville
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Editorial Reviews


from Yoga Journal:


The Northwestern California Teacher Sherri Baptiste Freeman is the daughter of the late Walt Baptiste, one of the pioneers of yoga in the United States. She’s put together an interesting and in some ways unique hour-long practice. The opening standing sequence of about eight poses, which consists largely of arm and shoulder stretches, includes a few poses. I’ve never seen before, or seen only in rather obscure instructional manuals. (Take, for example a pose with the forearms crossed in front of the torso and the hands tucked into the opposite-side armpits. Though unnamed here, it’s sometimes called Breath Balancing Pose and is meant to balance the flow of breath throughout the nostrils.) This warm-up is followed by the heart of the practice, a long sequence of familiar standing poses, interspersed with baby backbends like Locust and Bow. Next come belly strengtheners like Full Boat and “yoga sit-ups,” a reclining twist, Bridge and an optional Upward Bow (here called Wheel), a groin stretch, a short (three minutes) relaxation, and a concluding seated meditation.

This is a steadily paced, dynamic, and deceptively challenging practice. Baptiste Freeman has a nice way with words, her instructions are both physically specific and imaginatively inspiring, and she’s a sure-footed model. I would have liked to hear more from her about the benefits of the poses, especially those unusual exercises performed during the opening sequence...this is a well-conceived and executed session for experienced beginners and beyond.

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from 'Yoga Research and Education Center':

Review of the Baptiste Power of Yoga Video

Sherri Baptiste Freeman. Baptiste Power of Yoga: Session I [Intermediate]. Video. Mill Valley, Calif..Coyote Productions (, 2002. Tel:888-804-9642. 60 min. $20. Reviewed by Richard Rosen

Sherri Baptiste Freeman is the daughter of the late Walt Baptiste, one of the pioneers of American Yoga. This hour-long program moves along at a steady pace and is a good deal more challenging that it seems at first glance.

The sequence begins with a series of eight standing poses, mostly simple arm and shoulder stretches, a few of them rather unusual. For instance, there is a pose called "Earth Seal' (prithivi-mudra), neither of which are typically included in videos of this kind. I was impressed to find them here. The body of the practice then consists of a long series of familiar standing poses, with baby back bends (such as a locust set). The third section of the sequence ends the practice with belly strengthener, a reclining twist, bridge pose and upward bow (urdhva-dhanur-asana, here called the wheel), a groin stretch, a three minute relaxation, and a one-minute sitting meditation.

Baptiste, as you would expect from her background, is an excellent teacher and model. Her instructions are both physically exact and spiritually uplifting. I feel she could have paid more attention to explaining the benefits of the postures, though perhaps since the practice is directed at intermediate students, who probably know their way around an asana, she did not feel that was necessary. Overall this is a fine presentation for all experienced students.
Richard Rosen- Contributing Editor Jan/April 2003

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