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Sherri Baptiste

Sherri Baptiste

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June 18-25
Yoga and Ceremony

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Feathered Pipe Ranch Helena, Montana Presents:

Power of Yoga and Ceremony Retreat

Sherri Baptiste
and Brooke Medicine Eagle

This retreat will explore the synergy and complementary practices of yoga and ceremony. Montana’s rich nature and sacred sites will serve to nurture the relationship between body, mind, soul and spirit. You’ll be gently guided through each day with skill, confidence and joy. Morning hikes will support and allow this native land to bestow its wonder, while enhancing the depth of your own fitness levels, supporting physical being. The practice of Yoga and Ceremony combined will honor a connection to ones own potential, and the Divine. Each day will also bring time for natural simplicity, reflection, and quiet moments.

Yoga Practice: Sherri Baptiste will skillfully guide you through inspiring yoga classes each morning and afternoon. The Baptiste Method of Yoga is practiced to benefit all fitness levels. In each session you’ll be guided by Sherri through a sophisticated hatha flow with warm up, gentle and dynamic postures held in accurate alignment with deeper holds to expand your personal experience. It helps you to get the maximum benefits out of your yoga practice. Each class integrates mind, body, and breathing techniques that drive you deeply into a transformational and inspirational practice. You will also be provided with additional tips, reminders and alternatives to ensure suitability for all levels and maximum results improving your fitness and wellbeing.

The practice is progressive and will develop deeply as the week evolves. By the end of the retreat you will have experienced a well-balanced workout to train your whole body, along with the deeper practices of Meditation for mind and life. The beauty of the Baptiste inspired flow is that you work at your own level of ability, fitness level, and simply do what you can, and from there the sky is the limit. Transformation, inspiration, a sense of being strong and stress free will be your reward. This system is known for taking you to new realms of relaxation, bliss, and greater peace of mind in the process.

Ceremony: Native American teaching integrates ceremony at the center of living. In wisdom teachings and wise primary cultures ceremony is the basis of creating a good life on this sweet Earth. There are many ways to center yourself through ceremony. People have gathered together throughout time, lifting themselves into clear, transcendent states that honor life and to send intention forward for the unfoldment of personal development. Centering; ceremonial techniques help to bridge energy- heart, mind and soul allowing you to let go of the everyday world and thus enter, access, and experience the realm of the sacred.

During our week together Brooke will assist you to connect in harmony to the larger base of power—in All Our Relations basic ceremonial elements empower you while pointing you in the right direction along the path of harmony—on the Road of Great Spirit. Tradition of ceremony we will gather in meditation, breath work, prayer, rituals, drum, rattle, chant and dance supporting the deepest power of being. During the week you will be guided, in creating, a unique ceremony of empowerment and manifestation that we will celebrate in dance, as part of our final day.

Meditation Cave and Sweat Lodge: For those who are interested there will be a sweat lodge ceremony on one afternoon and a trip to the Blacktail Ranch cave for meditation and prayer. India Supera, founder and owner of the Feathered Pipe will give an evening talk about the origins of the Feathered Pipe Ranch will lead morning mediation walks.

Please note: You will want to bring simple ceremonial dress and clothing.

Feathered Pipe Ranch - June 18–25, 2011 - $1595

Reservation and Information Contact: Kim at
or call 406-442-8196 for more information.

Sherri Baptiste ERYT 500 is an inspirational yoga teacher at the forefront of training in America. She is the daughter of America’s yoga pioneers and master teachers Magana and Walt Baptiste. Founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, she offers classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training. Her retreats and teacher training programs provide an empowering, peaceful oasis in a hurried world, a place where students can find within themselves the tools and knowledge to support and maintain a happier, healthier and more spiritual lifestyle. Her website is

Brooke Medicine Eagle is a legendary Earth wisdom teacher, singer, visionary, catalyst for wholeness, and ceremonial leader of Sioux, Nez Perce, and European descent. She is the best selling author of the Native American literary classic, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, and The Last Ghost Dance. Over the last 30 years, her many music recordings, teaching, writing, and wilderness spiritual camps have touched the hearts and minds of millions.

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Practice Yoga in Montana
The yoga practice presented by Sherri Baptiste for the week will offer a deep immersion, classic to her retreats. The Baptiste Yoga Practice is breath based, and sequenced with skill to build your practice from a safe base. Daily yoga practice will progress over the week, building on each session, into a powerful week of beautiful yoga. In each session you’ll be encouraged to work at your own level of ability, and develope from there. Over the week of practice the body will gently open, releasing stress, while building strength and balance. Your yoga practice will include many hatha yoga postures, breathing techniques, along with meditation to bring balance to body, mind and spirit enhancing the depth of your own spiritual practice and physical being. One year of yoga practice is recommended, with all levels welcome.

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