Walt Baptiste Body Moderne Philosophy, 1949

We express the idea that man is not alone a physical body; not merely mental; nor is he entirely spiritual. For man is a combined total of all three states of being, each personality expressing mostly from one or another consciousness yet seldom if ever as a whole unit.

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link we believe that man’s life purpose is to understand himself and to strive to live as one balanced "whole unit". The purpose of life is to grow, to expand to become more whole in all he is. There is no division, conflict, nor strife in balance. Thru balance one becomes strong, secure. We desire never to overstress the development of the intellect as being of greatest importance, knowing as we do that mind is no more important than body since the mind could not grow or express itself even in the smallest fraction without its essential instrument, the physical vehicle. Since it is possible, we say, develop the body to its highest in every way as natural law will allow; For in beauty, strength, health, when a body exists as such, its possessor is an artist who has done a work well. The mind then is allowed greater expansion because of its improved physical instrument.

We believe that "man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creatures of men." Man daily creates the situations in his own life and personal world thru his own power of creation. Every individual may pull himself out of negative states of lack, weakness, ugliness, fear by way of a constructive training of the mind. To control the thought and its creative training of the mind. To control the thought and its creative power towards establishing in one’s personal life an exact equivalent of desirable conditions will insure causes of abundance, strength, well-being and happiness.

To become one "whole" expression and to attain to the increased power thereby is our goal. To live but fragments of the total of what we are is to be divided within ourselves. A house divided against itself can have no harmony, no peace, for conflict is the only effect.

Health, virility, highest development of beauty and efficiency of body; a mind that is established in the highest concept and consciousness of conditions and forms around it and free of fear; a spirit that is free to express its quality of being infinite in every capacity… Once each phase of ourself is thus attained there is blending and each phase of ourself may then be sensed and known in each the other. There is then no separateness, for wholeness has been restored and established. In this wholeness is health, happiness, and fulfillment on earth… and it is then that man is free to go on to know higher climbs.